‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Takes Kimberly Back, But For How Long? [Spoilers]

Does Bachelor Chris Soules take Kimberly Sherbach back, after sending her home on the season premiere? Sherbach, 28, was eliminated along with Reegan Cornwell, Brittany Felkin, Amanda Goerlitz, Michelle Davis, Nicole Meacham, Bo Stanley, and Kara Wilson at the first rose ceremony. She was the only one of the eight to ask for a second chance, using the power of her tears to try to win some time with the Iowa farmer.

Kimberly’s whining worked: Not only does Chris allow her to stay, Reality Steve states that he invites her on one of the group dates on Week 2 of The Bachelor. Whether or not the remaining 22 girls welcome Kimberly back with open arms is unknown, but she will join five other girls at a pool party with Chris. Of course, ABC has to add a farm element to the group date, so the bikini-clad girls will head out of the pool to compete in a tractor race in downtown Los Angeles.

The girls all assume the winner of the tractor race gets a rose, but the International Business Times reports that Chris gives the group date rose to MacKenzie, who didn’t win the race. The rose equals private date time with Prince Farming, so Kimberly’s efforts to make a comeback didn’t really work out that well. She strikes out on the group date and is up for elimination — again — at the second rose ceremony.

According to ABC, Kimberly is a 28-year-old yoga instructor from Long Island, New York. Her bio reveals that her biggest date fear is “not liking the guy and not being able to escape the date” — something that obviously wasn’t the case for her when she pleaded to get a second chance with Chris Soules.

Aside from being sad that she didn’t (initially) get a rose on the premiere, Kimberly Sherbach states in her bio that she would be sad if she never got to get dressed up. Considering that Chris Soules is a farmer from an extremely small town in Iowa, one would think Kimberly would be sad just about every day if she became Chris’ wife. Chances are there are not a lot of opportunities to get decked out in Arlington, Iowa.

Although it is not clear if Kimberly is one of five girls eliminated on week two of The Bachelor, spoilers indicate that she is not Chris Soules’ final pick, and she didn’t even make it as far as the hometown dates. That goes to show that his first instincts were correct, and although he gave Kimberly a second chance, it simply gave her more air time, not a love connection.

Tune in tonight to see what happens when Kimberly returns — and find out if she is sent home on Episode 2. The Bachelor, starring Chris Soules, airs at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Watch live online using the WATCH ABC app.

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