Salma Hayek On New Film ‘Everly’ — ‘You’ve Never Seen Me Like This’ [Video]

Salma Hayek is well known as a lovely and talented actress, with an effervescent personality that flows seamlessly onto the screen, whether it be movie or TV. Salma Hayek’s latest role in Joe Lynch’s film, Everly, is not quite what we are used to seeing from her. If the activity on Twitter is an indicator, this film is widely anticipated. #SalmaHayekEverly

The film is set entirely in the apartment of Salma’s character, Everly, over the space of just one night during a long Christmas holiday. After turning from her mafia lover to become an FBI informant, she is targeted by said mobster, who sends his thugs on a mission to torture and then kill her. She is not so easy to dispose of, however, and finds the courage to fight back. Watch the trailer below.

When asked if the movie would be best described as an action film, Joe Lynch, director and co-creator, offered a unique description.

It’s Die Hard in a room. That’s the best encapsulated pitch that I can give. Or it’s a Coen Brother’s Blood Simple meets Takashi Miike’s Ichi the Killer.”

We can sense the excitement that Salma Hayek is feeling as she speaks about her work in Everly.

“You’ve never seen me like this before. And I love it. Because you really see a transformation in this character that’s noticeable and shocking.”

Salma Hayek has a passion for defending and promoting the rights of women. We must assume that this was an emotional role for Salma Hayek to play, and yet empowering as well. The story of a lady beaten down, with little hope of surviving, who finds the strength somewhere inside herself to rise up and retaliate. This is something that Salma’s charity, The Salma Hayek Foundation, attempts to instill in battered women every day.

Salma Hayek is also heavily involved in the women’s charity, Chime for Change, which she co-founded with Beyoncé and Frida Giannini. Again, the main focus is protection and empowerment. The statement from the Chime for Change web page is very specific.

“Education. Health. Justice. For every girl. Every woman. Everywhere. Because none of us can move forward if half of us are held back.”

Speaking of her young daughter, Valentina, Salma Hayek says she understands all that her mother does.

“She’s aware that her mommy fights for the rights of women, that there are many places in the world where they are not entitled to the rights. She knows everything I do for Chime for Change and how important it is in my life. That’s all I can do. Just try to live an example of the things I believe in.”

What do you think of Salma Hayek’s newest role? Do you think Salma’s work with battered women weighed in the decision to play Everly?

[Image via Nerdist]