Salma Hayek On New Film ‘Everly’ — ‘You’ve Never Seen Me Like This’ [Video]

Salma Hayek is well known as a lovely and talented actress, with an effervescent personality that flows seamlessly onto the screen, whether it be movie or TV. Salma Hayek’s latest role in Joe Lynch’s film, Everly, is not quite what we are used to seeing from her. If the activity on Twitter is an indicator, this film is widely anticipated. #SalmaHayekEverly

The film is set entirely in the apartment of Salma’s character, Everly, over the space of just one night during a long Christmas holiday. After turning from her mafia lover to become an FBI informant, she is targeted by said mobster, who sends his thugs on a mission to torture and then kill her. She is not so easy to dispose of, however, and finds the courage to fight back. Watch the trailer below.