Viral Video Features An Adorable Dog Who Is Thoroughly Confused By His Squeaky Toy [Video]

An adorable dog named Walter loves his squeaky toy. However, Walter doesn’t quite understand where the squeaky sound is coming from when he bites his ball. In fact, he seems to think the squeak is coming from somewhere else entirely.

Walter and Santi are a dog-cat duo who have their own YouTube channel. However, this viral video only features Walter as he plays with his favorite squeaky toy. The video was uploaded back in December 2013, but recently resurfaced on a number of viral video channels. Since it was uploaded, it has received nearly 600,000 views.

The video begins with Walter’s owners noting that “Walter loves his squeaky toy but he doesn’t know where the sound comes from.” You can watch as Walter plays with the ball. However, each time the ball squeaks, Walter looks around as if he is trying to find out where the unusual sound is coming from. Sometimes the dog drops the ball altogether, as if it might bite him.

It appears Walter is not alone in his plight. Many YouTube comments mention that other dogs seem to suffer from the same phenomenon.

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Does your dog love playing with a squeaky ball? Does he suffer from the same “where is that sound coming from” syndrome as Walter?