One Colorado City Mulls Over Complete Smoking Ban

Colorado, the place once made popular by its Rocky Mountains, has been famous in 2014 for being one of the only two states in America who chose to legalize recreational Marijuana use. Unfortunately, for those who smoke other herb, they might be finding themselves a little less free. According to the Coloradoan, the city of Fort Collins is set to vote on an ordinance that could expand the normal smoking ban to include public venues.

Smoking bans are nothing new, in fact they have been around for hundred years. Kings, Sultans, Nazis, and the Catholic Church have all instituted them at one time or another through taxation or death. In fact, Colorado, is home to the first city that restricted smoking in restaurants in bars. Aspen, Colorado regulated, but did not ban, smoking in their city. Also, it was more like the original regulations where businesses were allowed to have a “smoking section”.

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However, by 2014, smoking regulations turned into outright bans in businesses. Despite the widespread call for Marijuana legalization, tobacco smoking has been increasingly being stamped out. Many locales, over the past year have been discussing bans that go further than there predecessors.

The smoking ban in Fort Collins is not unlike bans in most cities in most states. It covers restaurants, bars, hotels, and indoor businesses. However, after February 5, that might all change. The Colorado city has posted a survey on its website that allows citizens to anonymously, unofficially vote for the proposed ordinance. The new ordinance, posted to, lists the additions to the city’s smoking ban that would exist if the new ordinance is passed.

  • Expanded Downtown area, including Old town Square
  • All City owned or operated facilities and their grounds
  • All City parks, trails, and natural areas
  • Most City-approved events and festivals

Last year, Fort Collins, Colorado took another big step, as far as smoking bans go. The city moved to regulate e-cigarettes just like regulate cigarettes.

Smoking bans in general came from studies that suggested that “secondhand” smoke could be just as dangerous as smoking itself. The New York Times reported on studies that linked the decline in birth defects and asthma as a sign that smoking bans made in the U.S and Europe were the direct result of smoking bans because they led to smoke free living. In adults, it was argued, that a reduction of cardiovascular “events” were also the result of smoking bans.

The final analysis was that an all out smoking ban, which would add public bans on smoking, would ultimately lead to smoke free living on a larger scale. Fort Collins will find out February 5, if it is the potentially the first city to make that leap in 2015.

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