Troy Aikman Would Take Tony Romo Over Aaron Rodgers Or Anyone Else In The Playoffs

Troy Aikman is a very big Tony Romo fan. Despite the fact that Romo has been much maligned by Dallas Cowboys fans over the course of his career, Troy Aikman is standing steadfastly in his corner this year, claiming he would take Romo over Aaron Rodgers or any other NFL quarterback still currently playing in the playoffs.

Last year, a statement like that would have made Troy Aikman a bit of a laughing stock. Thankfully, the former Dallas quarterback made the statement during a season in which Romo is having a resurgence. Still, proclaiming Romo is a better QB than Rodgers, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady is going out on a limb. It’s likely there are a number of people who will read those statements by Troy Aikman and decide he’s likely just playing the “homer” card. Considering that Tony clearly is the best quarterback the Cowboys have had since Troy Aikman, it would make some sense for him to have a special place in the broadcaster’s heart.

Before the playoff game between the Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, Aikman talked to and made his case for the Dallas standout.

“I think he’s learned that there’s a lot to the position, and that every possession doesn’t require you having to make a big play or something spectacular… He’s really done a nice job of that all season long. He hasn’t forced the ball down the field for big plays. He’s been willing to take what has been there.”

Even if the improvements have come this year, Troy seems to be overlooking the fact that he’s had years similar to this before. Those years tend to unravel at one time or another, or Romo is never really able to repeat them. That’s in stark contrast to someone like Brady or Rodgers, who have consistently put up big numbers game in and game out. Considering that Rodgers outdueled Troy’s favorite quarterback, one also has to wonder whether he would double down on those comments if asked tonight.

While Troy Aikman might be willing to take Romo over everyone else, it really is important to note that Tony is done for the year. The loss wasn’t the usual kind of loss the Cowboys have suffered through in the past. Troy Aikman’s statement shows a willingness to support players from his former team, but you have to wonder whether he lost some of his broadcaster objectivity on Sunday morning.

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