Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers: Who Has The Advantage?

The last time the Dallas Cowboys visited Green Bay to take on the Packers, it was dubbed the “Ice Bowl of 1967”. Temperatures dipped to minus 15 degrees, and by the final play of the game, the field was covered in ice.

The Green Bay Packers are hoping that history will repeat itself when the two sides meet this afternoon. However, if that’s to be the case, it will not be easy.

Aaron Rodgers is battling an injury, and a hungry Dallas defense may be looking to take advantage. While the performance of Packers at home will likely not come down to the performance of one man, the loss of Rodgers could affect Green Bay psychologically.

However, there is one mental barrier set in the Packers’ favor: The Green Bay has been perfect at home all season long.

Against any other team, this would make quite a difference. However, the Dallas Cowboys of this season have not been any other team on the road. Just as the Packers are undefeated in Green Bay, the Dallas Cowboys are undefeated on the road this season.

Tony Romo is having perhaps his best season despite struggling with health issues of his own. Some good news for Romo fans: Even if the Cowboys go down, Romo will have had to have choked at a supernatural level to assure a more “are you kidding me?” moment than what Joe Flacco produced Saturday at New England.

The Patriots won thanks in large part to an end zone interception with 90 seconds to play.

This is a game that’s hard to predict because it would seem that the two sides are fairly evenly matched with home field advantage meaning nothing. In the end, it will be a matter of who wants it more.

As for which side would fare better in Seattle (the winner will take on the Seahawks for the NFC Conference Championship), some would say Dallas. However, Dallas already stunned the Seattle Seahawks at home earlier in the season, and it’s likely they will be extra sharp and seeking revenge.

Green Bay? While they’re formidable at home, their away record doesn’t lend itself to any real confidence against a Super Bowl-hungry Seattle team.

As for this Dallas vs. Green Bay match up, while it will not be a repeat of the legendary encounter that took place almost 50 years ago, it has the potential to be an exciting match-up for a new host of reasons.

Who do you think will come out on top in Green Bay? Comment on the game below!

[Image Credit: WISN 12 News]

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