NFL News: Detroit Lions Hilariously Troll Dallas Cowboys On Twitter After Playoff Loss

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday to knock them out of the 2015 NFL Playoffs, but all of the talk was on one play. That play was the reversal of a play that was called a catch by Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant, and after the game, the Detroit Lions decided to troll the losers on Twitter.

In the fourth quarter of the game, the Cowboys were driving and faced with a must-convert fourth down. Bryant made a leaping 31-yard reception and came down at the one-yard line as he stretched for the end zone, per USA Today.

After the play was reviewed, the call was reversed and officials said that the ball moved as it hit the ground so it wasn’t a catch.

Green Bay got the ball back on downs and were able to drive down field and run out the clock to head to the NFC Championship game. The Cowboys were irate and the Packers were ecstatic after the win, but there was more happening on Twitter.

This trolling tweet by the Lions is in reference to the “Calvin Johnson Rule,” which came to be after a controversial call back in 2010. That play saw Johnson catch an alleged touchdown, but then have it taken away since he didn’t “maintain possession throughout the entire process of the catch.”

Twitter just continued to explode after that reception was taken away from Bryant and the Cowboys went on to lose the game. As Yahoo! Sports reported, almost all of the Detroit Lions jumped online to express their “sorrow” to the Dallas Cowboys.

lions twitter stanford

Stanford’s “karma” comment is in reference to last week’s game where the Dallas Cowboys eliminated the Detroit Lions from the playoffs. The issue there was not the result of the game, but a controversial call by the refs.

In that game, a pass interference flag was thrown on Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens as he guarded Brandon Pettigrew of the Lions. After some arguing from the Cowboys, and a lengthy conference by the refs, the flag was picked up.

Dallas went on to win the game as NFL officials and the league itself said that it should have at least been a Cowboys’ penalty for holding.

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Now, the Dallas Cowboys are out of the playoffs just like the Detroit Lions, and the Green Bay Packers will face the Seattle Seahawks for the right to go to the Super Bowl. There will also likely be a lot of trash talking between the teams now that both have time off.

[Image via Andrew Weber/USA Today]

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