Teen’s Offensive Farting Ignites Fight At Staten Island High School

South Richmond High School in Staten Island, New York, may become a fart-free zone following an unfortunate classroom farting incident in which one teen’s flatulence was apparently so offensive that another teen felt she had no choice but to mount an offensive of her own, attacking the teen that allegedly did the farting and ultimately injuring him in the fight.

The high school farting fight incident unfolded Monday at the Staten Island high school, when a female student thought she was the target of a male classmate’s farting, reports SI Live.

Whether the alleged farting culprit was actually aiming the flatulence that started the fight at the female student, or was simply releasing his Bronx cheers too far inside the female student’s personal space, isn’t clear. But from the fight that followed, whatever farting shenanigans the gas-passer was up to, he likely will think twice in the future before farting around his fellow high school pupils.

But like the bell that can’t be un-rung, toothpaste that can’t go back in the tube, or the ship that has sailed, the farting unleashed by the male high school student couldn’t be un-done, his allegedly offensive and untoward behavior flipping the fight and anger-switch of the female student, who proceeded to grab a metal stool in the high school classroom and approached her suspected farting classmate.

She then reportedly used the metal stool to strike the classmate that she believed guilty of fouling the air, injuring him in the fight.

The offended 17-year old female high school student, reportedly a resident of Mariners Harbor, was taken into custody by law enforcement officials following the fight and her attack on her farting high school classmate. She was arrested and booked for felony and misdemeanor assault charges.

The farting fight altercation took place at about 2:10 p.m. at South Richmond High School, which is for teens with special needs and disabilities, according to authorities. Reviews of the high school’s performance and effectiveness for students are mixed, with both very positive and negative ratings.

The offended female attacker not only bashed the 15-year-old alleged farting suspect over the head with the metal stool during the fight, but also reportedly punched him in the head several times, cursing and yelling for his breaking wind, according to authorities.

After the fight, the farting victim was taken to the hospital where he received eight stitches, according to the Huffington Post.

The female attacker received a felony charge of second-degree assault, misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault, and a criminal weapon possession charge stemming from the fight, said officials. The defendant is scheduled to return to court on February 25th to possibly fight the charges.

In the mean time, all should learn a lesson that randomly cutting the cheese around others is not acceptable, and that such careless farting could lead to a fight and/or injury.

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