The Force Was With This Man As He Created An Elaborate Star Wars LEGO Proposal [Photos]

One Redditor stepped up his proposal game by utilizing some of his lover's favorite things -- LEGOs and Star Wars.

Mashable notes that the proposal was setup by Padawan Stephen Dempsey, a Redditor and Star Wars fan. Dempsey hoped to use "the force" to get his girlfriend to say yes when he popped the big question. The proposal included an elaborate Star Wars Star Destroyer replica made of LEGOs and a tiny Darth Vader LEGO figurine. Dempsey says he chose Darth Vader's ship to house the engagement ring because it represented their relationship and love for one another. You may be thinking, "Really? A Star Destroyer represents your relationship?" However, the explanation by Dempsey to his girlfriend Amanda is adorable and surprisingly meaningful.

"Our love is like this ship," he told Amanda. "Its shields defend from any outside force wanting to get in and destroy us."

The photos can be found on Dempsey's Imgur account and shows the ship both before and after opening.

Star Wars Proposal
Photo of the elaborate "ring box" before it is opened.

Legos proposal
Image of the Darth Vader ship after the top was opened.

Lego Proposal
Close-up photo of the tiny Darth Vader holding the engagement ring.

Of course, following the proposal, Amanda said yes. The couple says they plan to incorporate the Star Wars theme into their wedding as well. They are planning to play the Star Wars opening theme at the beginning of their wedding reception to announce the new bride and groom.

What do you think of Dempsey's Star Wars themed proposal and his elaborate LEGO ring box?