McDonald’s ‘Signs’ Commercial Set To ‘Carry On’ By Fun Touches Hearts And Tells Stories

During the NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, McDonald’s aired a new commercial that was likely rewound and watched again numerous times. It is set to the song “Carry On” from the group Fun., and it will certainly gather your attention, make you want to hear their stories, and shed some tears.

The 60-second commercial brings forth McDonald’s new “Signs” platform, per Adage, and it not only brings new life to their “I’m lovin’ it” slogan, but brings a lot of heart as well.

In the commercial, different McDonald’s signs are shown with messages splashed and written on them. As “Carry On” by Fun. plays over them all, the signs give words of encouragement, celebration, congratulatory remarks, remembrance, and support.

It is also bringing a lot of confusion, and possibly people wanting to look more into it and the new McDonald’s campaign.

Near the end of the commercial, viewers are directed to the McDonald’s Tumblr page that not only shows all the pictures again, but details their stories as well. From thanking veterans to praying for others to the arches being painted pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

mcdonalds signs pink arches

McDonald’s shows a lot in the commercial that goes to Boston Strong, severe floods, the September 11 attacks from 2001, and more. Joel Yashinksky, the U.S. Vice President of Marketing for McDonald’s, says that the intent is to highlight the signs.

The company wants to show that despite the slogan only being around for the last few years, “Lovin” has always been a part of McDonald’s goal.

“(The signs) are to continue to tell the story of McDonald’s. That it plays a role in the communities we serve.”

McDonald’s felt that the song “Carry On” by Fun. is one that not only sounds great, but brings about feelings that mirror what the company is trying to get across, per a spokeswoman.

“Given the strength of its songwriting, we felt it offered the perfect opportunity to showcase their songwriting prowess and our ability to reinterpret it in a raw, emotional new way, sung by a small children’s choir.”

Now, McDonald’s wants the world to know that “Every sign tells a story,” and that includes their Golden Arches. Along with Fun.’s lyrics and heartwarming anthem, they hope to show that they’re more than just food, and care about every single person in the community.

[Images via McDonald’s]