Another Duggar Wedding? Which Duggar Was Caught Kissing Her Beau And Showing Some Knee? [Photos]

There is one Duggar from the TLC hit series 19 Kids and Counting who isn't following the conservative dating rules of the Duggar family. Recent photos posted to this Duggar's Instagram account suggest there may be another Duggar wedding on the horizon, but it won't be anything like the others.

Cousin Amy Duggar has been somewhat of a staple on the Duggar's reality television series. She was even featured heavily last season, as she made her way to Nashville to chase her dream of becoming a country music star. However, Amy Duggar does not follow the family's same strict conservative dating rules as the other Duggar girls. In fact, Amy does not practice courtship, but instead traditional dating.

Unlike her cousins, Amy Duggar is not saving her first kiss for marriage. In fact, Amy and her boyfriend, Dillon King, have not been shy about posting photos on their personal Instagram accounts of the pair kissing. Here are a few of the photos of the couple locking lips.

Amy Duggar Kisses her boyfriend
Amy Duggar kissing her boyfriend on at a New Year's celebration.

Amy Duggar
Amy Duggar kissing her man on a coffee date.

It isn't just kissing that separates Amy from the rest of the Duggar clan. Amy also does not employ the same modest dress as the other Duggar girls. Amy can frequently be seen showing off her knees and wearing sleeveless tops.

Amy Duggar
Amy Duggar showing some knee for New Year's

Amy Duggar
Amy posing as a "housewife" with a fake martini.

The relationship has been ongoing for some time, and the pair seem to be getting increasingly closer. Therefore, many have speculated that cousin Amy may be the next Duggar to make her way down the aisle very soon.

What do you think? Will Jim Bob and Michelle give their blessing to Amy should she decide to marry her current boyfriend? Do you think the Duggars will attend the wedding?