Bono Surprises Couple During Elaborate Proposal Atop Irish Hill

U2 frontman Bono surprised a young Irish couple when he and his wife appeared at the end of an elaborate proposal enacted at the top of Killiney Hill, overlooking Dublin Bay.

Cliff Henry, 30, had planned the proposal to coincide with his girlfriend’s 30th birthday, according to the Daily Mail. Unbeknownst to his childhood sweetheart, Fiona O’Hehir, Henry enlisted the help of her favorite band, Keywest, after running into them on Dublin’s Grafton Street. They agreed to play atop the hill for the October 29 proposal, performing O’Hehir’s favorite song, “Raglan Road.”

Henry organized a film crew, disguised as tourists, to help document the proposal, and strapped a GoPro camera to his chest, telling O’Hehir that he was testing it for work. Henry got down on one knee when Keywest dedicated a song to “Fiona and Cliff,” leaving O’Hehir so surprised that he had to ask her twice before she said yes.

Keywest weren’t the only musicians atop the hill during the proposal, according to the Irish Mirror, as the couple ran into U2 singer Bono and his wife, Ali. The 54-year-old Dubliner, whose real name is Paul Hewson, recorded a message for the couple’s proposal, jokingly delivering a warning to the future bride.

“Fiona don’t do it, don’t do this!” Bono intoned, to laughs from off-camera. “We know him, you’re just getting to know him. There’s a gang of us here, there’s an intervention!”

Joking aside, Bono capped off their proposal by leaving the happy couple with words of encouragement as he waxed philosophical about the joys of marriage.

“But if you have to go ahead, just know that marriage is like an act of grand madness. You jump off the top of Killiney Hill and discover that you actually can fly.”

Last month, Bono made headlines when he suffered extensive injuries following a bicycle crash in New York City. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bono issued a blog post on New Year’s Eve in which he reflected on the accident, detailing his difficult road to recovery. Bono admitted that the extent of his injuries made it unclear whether he would ever be able to play guitar again.

Video of the couple’s engagement has since gone viral online, thanks largely to Bono’s cameo, and Keywest have agreed to play at their wedding, bringing Fiona and Cliff’s incredible proposal full circle.

[Image: Cliff Henry via the Daily Mail]

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