Dr. James Sears: Star Of ‘The Doctors’ TV Show Under Investigation For Threatening To Kill A Man

Dr. James Sears, the star of the hit television show The Doctors, is leaving the show because the police are investigating him. According to TMZ, Dr. James Sears is under investigation for threatening to kill a man, and it’s all over a woman with whom Dr. James Sears was involved.

The strange incident took place some time last month. According to authorities, a woman was at the home of Dr. James Sears in Huntington Beach, when suddenly things took a strange twist. The specific details of what happened have not been made public, but the woman is said to have become uneasy or uncomfortable at his home and decided to call her ex-boyfriend to come and give her a ride home.

When the ex-boyfriend arrived, he helped escort the woman from the home, and that’s when all hell broke loose. The woman told law enforcement authorities that Dr. Sears called the ex-boyfriend on the phone and began hurling insults at him. The ex has been identified as Pete Scalisi. Dr. Sears also told the man that he had kidnapped the woman from his home. The already bizarre situation worsened after Dr. James Sears arrived at Scalisi’s home, where he chased and threatened to kill him.

According to his bio, Dr. James Sears follows a long line of doctors, including his own father, William Sears, and his brother, Robert Sears. He attended the St. Louis University School of Medicine, and specializes in Pediatrics. The Emmy winning physician is also a published author, and has appeared in several television shows. A background check reveals that he is also known as Jim Sears and James Michael Sears.

No exact word on when Dr. Sears will officially leave the show, and the police investigation is still ongoing.

The Doctors TV show currently airs weekdays, according to their Facebook page. It made its television debut on September 8, 2008. The show was considered a spinoff of Dr. Phil, and later became a direct competitor to The Dr. Oz Show upon its debut in 2009. The episodes have presented a variety of health topics based on the latest trends in medical technology and medical questions from around the world. The Doctors is currently in its seventh season. For further reading, the Inquisitr reported on the case of a prominent cancer doctor who was arrested for intentionally diagnosing perfectly healthy people with cancer.

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