Police Arrest ‘Lady Gaga’ Wannabe For Joyride In SUV

Police arrested a woman claiming to be Lady Gaga Thursday, after she stole an SUV and took it on a joyride around Madisonville. Along the way, the woman allegedly crashed into three parked vehicles with the stolen car, including a Dodge Charger cruiser belonging to the Hopkins County Sheriff’s office.

A report from the Madisonville Police relates how officers were called out to the MarketPlace grocery store at around 1:13 p.m., after a black GMC SUV left parked in the store’s lot, with its motor running and an unlocked door, had reportedly been stolen by a woman.

According to SurfKY, the vehicle was then reported to be traveling south on Franklin Street and shortly afterwards, Office H. Crowley of the Madisonville Police saw the SUV heading west on East Broadway from Franklin. It was at that stage police discovered the black SUV had struck and damaged three cars while careening along Court and Union Streets on its wild ride.

WLOX 13 quotes the police report as saying Crowley had then turned on the emergency lights on his police vehicle, at which stage the stolen SUV did finally come to a complete halt along East Broadway, apparently with its right front wheel up on the curb.

It was at this stage that Crowley spoke to the woman driver, asking her name. She was apparently singing at the time she stopped the vehicle, and told Crowley she had multiple names, but on that particular day she was Lady Gaga. In actual fact, she turned out to be 57-year-old Tamberly Cavanaugh from Nortonville.

The Lady Gaga wannabe appeared to be intoxicated, possibly under the influence of alcohol, and acted erratically during sobriety tests run by Crowley. Following the traffic stop, Cavanagh was first charged with theft for unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, followed by a reckless driving charge for her mad drive around town. She also got hit for driving under the influence, as well as three counts of first-degree criminal mischief for the damage she caused to the three vehicles along the way.

The vehicles struck by the Lady Gaga hopeful included a 2000 Ford Mustang, a 2005 Jeep Liberty, and finally, and possibly the worst of them all, the Hopkins County Sheriff’s department’s black Dodge Charger. According to the police report, each vehicle sustained at least $1,000 in damages.

In other Lady Gaga news on the Inquisitr, it seems the popular singer joined up with Maroon 5 on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, singing her heart out with Adam Levine, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake.

[Image insert: Tamberly Cavanaugh courtesy Hopkins Co. Jail]

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