Owner Of Boa Constrictor Found In Toilet ‘Sorry’: Snake Slithered Through Sewer Pipes

The owner of the boa constrictor that was found in a business office toilet has been located and says he is “sorry” for the upset.

The fourth-floor owner of an escaped pet snake that found its way into the building’s sewer system, finally slithering out in a toilet two floors below, and discovered by a terrified office worker in San Diego, has promised to relocate his boa.

His landlord, Jason Zana, seemed surprisingly understanding about the frightening situation.

“The tenant and I agreed the snake would be better at his friend’s house. It was his idea first, and I agreed.”

Vertical PR’s Stephanie Lacsa became aware of a plumbing problem and was plunging the toilet when the giant boa’s head popped out, and it flicked its tongue at her, causing her to run screaming from the bathroom, and animal control officials to contain and take custody of the snake, a Colombian Rainbow Boa Constrictor. The woman had noticed that the water level in the toilet bowl was much higher than usual, so she assumed there was some type of clog. She was correct.

News of the Lasca’s unbelievable discovery quickly went viral, and Animal Countrol of San Diego were searching for the owner immediately. Boa Constrictors are not indigenous to that area, and could only be the result of escaping someone’s cage.

The next day, the snake’s owner was located and he offered his apologies for the inconvenience and anxiety his escapee snake may have caused residents. The cage of the missing boa constrictor was next to an open window and he presumed that it had crawled outside the building. It is unknown if he reported the escaped snake to authorities.

Landlord Zana said there hadn’t previously been a specific policy regarding snakes, but now he thought it was wise to implement one. Although the mixed-use building had been pet-friendly, nobody had thought that someone may be harboring a large predatory snake.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the event, many tenants were troubled at the thought of a large snake in the building.”

It is thought that perhaps the snake sought water in order to shed its skin, which is a cyclical event that happens for boas. It obviously found its way into the sewer system, where it slithered through the pipes of the building and randomly appeared in the business office a couple floors below.

The man has not come forward publicly, only to officials, and the owner of the business said she was not angry, and actually “got a chuckle out of it.”

The habitat that is currently housing the snake still continues to get phone calls from news outlets. They aren’t surprised, they say.

“It’s everyone’s worst nightmare come true.”

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