Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III Heading To NFL Draft [Dad Confirmed]

Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III is rumored to be entering the 2012 NFL Draft alongside Stanford #1 favorite Andrew Luck. According to source close to the Baylor quarterback, including his own father, he’ll file in time for the Jan. 15 underclassman deadline.

While Griffin told the press on Sunday that he has not yet decided at this time his father Griffin II told ESPN:

“I met with my son (Friday) and his schedule is pretty much he will attend the Sugar Bowl here in New Orleans (where the Griffins live), then next weekend he will meet with five agents and select the right agent to represent him and plan a good pre-draft process,” Griffin II said. “After that he will sit down with three of his coaches at Baylor on Wednesday or Thursday (Jan. 11 or 12) and make it official.”

Unlike some underclassmen who never finish their degree after making an early jump to the NFL, Griffin III actually received his political science degree in December 2010 and had considered staying at Baylor to receive his master’s degree. Griffin only needs 12 more credit hours to complete his masters.

Baylor finished last season with a 10-3 record, defeating Washington 67-56 in the Valero Alamo Bowl.

If he does file to go pro one possible home for the Baylor star could be the Indianapolis Colts who have been evaluating Griffin III both on tape and in person. The move to grab Griffin could become a reality if Indianapolis defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and lose out on the chance to pick up Andrew Luck while instead receiving the No. 2 pick.

When his father was asked who his son wants to play for he responded, “He will be fine with whoever takes him.”

Do you think Robert Griffin III would be a good choice for the Indianapolis Colts? I say put him under the mentoring of Peyton Manning and we could see an NFL star rise to the top of the league one day.