Skechers Reveals New Interactive Shoes That Let Kids Play Simon On The ‘Game Kicks’ [Video]

The boys’ “Damager Game Kicks” are already listed for $65 on the Skechers website, which already features a pretty glowing review from a mother whose son was one of the first to receive the special pair of “Simon” Skechers shoes.

“We received a pair of these shoes early from Skechers and my son loved them. They worked great to entertain him during long trips in the car. As a parent I liked the on/off feature for the sound. Very durable. Would definitely purchase again in the future.”

With a fully functional Simon game on the side of the Skechers Game Kicks shoe, the leather interactive shoes also feature the lights and sounds of the game, as seen in the above video. Already one user has asked Skechers when they plan to make the “Simon” shoes in adult sizes on their website. “Tim the Shoe Guy from SKECHERS” answered that adult versions of these shoes are a possibility but the Skechers “Simon” versions for kids would have to sell really well first.

The girls’ version of the Skechers Game Kicks also sell for $65 and come in preschool and grade school sizes.


No doubt Skechers is truly hoping for the success of their new line of shoes for kids with the fully functional Simon game on the side — especially in light of the $40 million that Skechers was ordered to pay due to false claims about their “Shape-Up” shoes, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The only question this reporter thought about having a Simon game on the side of a shoe is that users probably can’t throw the electronic pairs of Skechers in the washing machine and dryer, as many have done with dirty shoes in the past. Also, there is a convenient on/off switch Skechers writes of in the product description, which probably really comes in handy for parents and teachers who want to turn Simon off.

[Image via Sketchers]