Vanessa Mintz, Travis McGraw: CBS’ 48 Hours Features Hendersonville, North Carolina Murder Case

Vanessa Mintz’s murder case will be featured tonight on an episode of CBS’ 48 Hours. Vanessa Yvonne Mintz was murdered by her husband, Travis McGraw, at the Saluda Mountain Lodge in 2011. Police say the 53-year-old realtor was found dead at the hotel she owned located on Holbert’s Cove Rd. When law enforcement officials arrived at the crime scene, they found the body of a white female, lying unresponsive. The woman was identified as Vanessa Mintz. Police say she suffered a gunshot wound to the face.

The authorities were called to the scene by one of her daughters, who happened upon the unforgettable and gruesome scene. It was assumed that the motive for murder was robbery, since some money had been taken from the scene. It took police less than a week to arrest the woman’s own husband, Travis McGraw, for first-degree murder.

The murder trial captured the attention of the nation as twists and turns and salacious details of the crime were outlined in court. Prosecutors believe that Travis McGraw wanted his wife dead so that he could be with his mistress. His lover, identified as Mary Beth Fisher, told the courts that she had no idea that McGraw was married and that when she found out, she told him that he had to end the relationship with her before they could move forward. The next time she spoke with McGraw, he told her that his wife was dead, then asked her to on a vacation with him, according to Blue Ridge Now.

The Assistant District Attorney, Beth Dierauf, always felt very strong that it was the ultimatum that was the motive in the killing. About the motive she states,

“Crime scene evidence tied a shotgun from the defendant to the crime scene.()He also had motive. He had a girlfriend or mistress, and she gave him an ultimatum about leaving his wife. We believe the answer to that ultimatum was him shooting his wife.”

Since her tragic death, her grieving family members have had to rely on their god-given strength and faith to move forward. In an interview with WLOS News 13, Vanessa Mintz’ daughters stated that sharing their story with the nation has helped them cope and move forward.

Travis McGraw rejected a plea deal that had been offered to him — choosing to go to trial instead. He was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife. The North Carolina murder case will air at 9 p.m. central time on Saturday. In December 2014, the Inquisitr reported on the case of Monica Gaytan, a wife and mother who was gunned down in her Texas home by her husband, Martin Gaytan. The murder trial in that case is upcoming.

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