Julietta: Dead Dog Brought Back To Life By Vets Would Be Put Up For Adoption!

Cats, they say, have nine lives. A dog, however, seems to be on a mission to prove a point that dogs aren’t that far behind. They might not have nine lives — but after knowing what happened to this three-year-old dog, it seems they certainly do have more than one!

Say hello to Julietta, who happens to be a three-year-old abandoned Chihuahua. She would, however, by now be more famous as the wonder dog that came back from the dead. How? Read on!

According to KGTV 10 News, Julietta was dropped off at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in California last week by an unknown individual. Caretakers at the facility found that the poor animal had a broken leg and was likely abused by its previous owner. After Julietta underwent a medical examination, the vets at the facility decided to perform a surgery on her to fix her broken leg. According to staff members, this was routine surgery with little or no risk to the animal and performed by Juli Maher, a DVM at the facility, with the help of registered Veterinary Technician Mark Manzon. The surgery went quite well and the doctors were confident that Julietta would be back to her feet very soon.

Imagine their horror when they realized that after the surgery, for reasons not known to them, Julietta had stopped breathing completely. When they checked on her, they realized another shocking factor. Her heart had stopped beating and she was turning blue.

“She had no heartbeat, no respiratory rate, she was turning blue.”

For close to two minutes, Julietta remained unresponsive, motionless — or, in other words, dead.

Not ready to give up, Dr. Maher and Manzon had a few CPR techniques in their arsenal which they started to implement, reports ABC News. Both the men tried their best to resuscitate the dog and surprisingly, their techniques worked! After two minutes of being dead, Julietta’s heart started beating again and she came back to life!

While news about people coming back from the dead after a CPR technique is fairly common news, for a dog to replicate that seems to be a very rare event. According to Juli Maher, she had never witnessed anything of this nature in her entire 27-year-long career. She confirmed that she has never seen a dog in the condition Julietta was in come back to life and be completely fine with no signs of brain damage.

“That rarely happens. I was just amazed.”

In the meantime, Julie is all fine and dandy now. She is still recovering from her eventful leg surgery. The best part? Julietta is expected to be put up for adoption soon!

[Image via 10 News]

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