Two Pit Bulls Left For Dead In The Cold, One Finds A Good Samaritan Who Names It After A Popular Disney Character

In the frigid winter months, animal cruelty seems to manage to make a genre unto itself. Mistakes are often made without malice. Animals can be forgotten about. However, when it crosses the line into abuse, it tends to be fairly obvious. The Inquisitr reported about a kitten who was left out in the cold to freeze to death.

Elsa was fortunate to be found when she was, and by the people at Dumb Friends League Health Care in Denver. Another animal, who was given the popular Disney character name, also found themselves left out in the cold.

In Wilson, North Carolina, a search for justice is underway after a pit bull was found near death in what was described as “coldest night” this year. Luckily, the good Samaritan found the dog. The pit bull was found outside his home. He was described as starved and nearly frozen to death, ABC 11 News reported. When the unnamed good Samaritan originally found the near frozen pit bull, he believed he was dead.

He brought the pit to For The Love Of Dogs NC, a local “no kill” shelter. From there, the pit bull who came in nearly frozen to death was pumped with warm fluids. This was to get the pit bull’s temperature to simply read on a thermometer. It was because of this that the pit was named “Elsa,” after the popular ice queen character from Disney’s Frozen.

Elsa the pit bull was very fortunate to end up as one of 100 animals, including pit bulls, at the North Carolina shelter. The no cost, no kill shelter helps low income families own animals and still be able to take care of their health. The non-profit shelter’s co-owner said that this is one of many reasons that there is no excuse for leaving pets out in the cold. Animal cruelty charges are being looked into, but they have not spoken to the owner at this time.

Sadly, a pit bull puppy was found frozen to death in New York. According to ABC 12 News, the Rochester pit bull was found dead his own doghouse. A local man, who by his own admission had taken in the dog to feed him, went to feed the pit bull Thursday morning. It was when he went to call the pit that he made the gruesome discovery.

He went to call the dog out for food, but when he realized he was not coming out, he went to check on him. The unnamed man described the pit bull as “frozen dead, like turkey meat” when he found the animal. Animal cruelty investigators are still looking into the case.

[Image via For The Love Of Dogs NC Facebook]

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