Chris Johnson Arrested: New York Jets Running Back Cited For Open Carry Of A Firearm

Chris Johnson has been arrested in his hometown of Orlando, Florida, with police claiming the New York Jets running back was caught openly carrying a firearm without a license.

Johnson was cited on Friday for open carrying of a firearm, which is a misdemeanor in Florida.

A source close to Johnson said the running back was pulled over, after rolling through a stop sign. After police searched his car, they found his licensed and registered firearm under a book bag under a seat. Because Johnson did not have a permit for open carry, he must keep his firearm locked up.

The arrest comes after a disappointing season for Chris Johnson. After signing a two-year, $4 million contract with the New York Jets, the once dominant Johnson saw his skills erode quickly. This season, he ran for a career-low 663 yards and just one touchdown. It was a long drop from the 2,509 yards from scrimmage Johnson registered with the Tennessee Titans in 2009.

Chris Johnson fell behind Chris Ivory on the Jets’ depth chart, and at times this season appeared disengaged. When the Jets benched quarterback Geno Smith in October, putting in veteran Michael Vick, Johnson didn’t seem to care what happened with the team at all.


The Jets did not yet comment on whether Johnson could be facing discipline for the arrest.

“We are aware and have no comment at this time, as this is a pending legal matter,” a team spokesman said.

With his arrest in Florida, Chris Johnson may not have an assured future with the New York Jets. The team will have a new general manager and coach next season, and they may decide that the aging running back does not fit into their rebuilding plans.

[Image via NY Post]