Animal Cruelty: Teen Shoots, Runs Over Neighbor’s Dogs, Family Claims Cops Not Needed If Force ‘Justified’

Orange County police are investigating a potential case of animal cruelty, where a neighbor is said to have shot and killed a Golden Retriever named Bryar. The owner of the dog is named Brock Evans, and he is seeking “justice for Bryar.” Now it’s being claimed the neighbor’s son may have a history of killing dogs in the neighborhood.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a pit bull shooting video shows a police officer killing a pit bull puppy from the first person perspective of a body camera. Although residents were outraged, and some called for the firing of the police officer, the police department claimed the shooting of the dog was justified.

The alleged dog shooting took place on New Year’s eve, and Brock Evans says he believed he had worked out the disagreement with his neighbor when he gunfire.

“As we were having our conversation, I heard three gunshots from behind their property,” Evans said according to Click Orlando. “I asked him if he shot my dog and he shook my hand and swore to me he didn’t do it. I noticed my dog laying near the road he was gasping for air when I got to him. There was nothing I could do. He was riddled with gunfire from head to toe.”

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The family of William J. Moore is currently being investigated for the shooting of Bryar, and when a police officer questioned the family, Mr. Moore said he felt it was justified to shoot his neighbor’s dog. It’s said his own female dog was in heat, and Moore believed Bryar could potentially harm her by attempting to breed. The police report says the officer asked “why he did not want to be forthcoming if it was a justified use of force.” In response, Moore “stated that he owns firearms, has a concealed weapons permit, and if someone was to threaten him or his family that he would use his weapons.” The report also says “he would not call law enforcement after using justified force.”

Mr. Moore also denies the dog shooting, but has not denied that his son, 19-year-old William P. Moore, may have been involved. The Evans family has set up a social media campaign on Facebook called “Justice For Bryar,” and another neighbor named Paula Saldano has come forward to claim that the younger Moore allegedly killed her own dog.

“The young man that shot and killed Bryar also killed my chocolate lab Roscoe on October 4,2014 on [address removed] street with his truck. He was driving at a high rate of speed and hit my dog. I have never received an apology from him or his parents. They have had several dogs that are constantly out of their yard. Loala the German Shepard used to try to bite you as you walked by with your dogs. Just hard to believe that someone next door would do that. We take care of each other’s dogs in this neighborhood and I am sick over this and I am hoping that karma comes swiftly! I really miss my baby.”

In addition, neighbors are claiming it’s possible the teenager may have killed another neighbor’s dog. Brock Evans is pressing charges, and says, “I want him to know I’m not afraid and I will get justice for Bryar.”

Bryar Dog Shooting 2

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