Liam Hemsworth Rocks Multicolored Pedicure

Liam Hemsworth rang in the new year with a bit of a new look! The 24-year-old actor was spotted rocking a bright, multicolored pedicure, while spending some quality time in his home country of Australia over the holidays.

According to Us Weekly, Liam Hemsworth was spotted out and about doing some grocery shopping in Byron Bay, Australia, when he was spotted walking around barefoot, and supporting a rather playful pedicure.

“His big toes boasted a magenta hue, his second and fourth toes were colored yellow, his middle toe had a lavender polish on it, and his pinky toe was painted bright blue,” stated the celebrity magazine.

E! News had it right — while Liam Hemsworth may have made an interesting statement with his multicolored pedicure, he still has fans swooning!

Liam Hemsworth isn’t the only celebrity male to try out the painted nails look. Bruce Jenner also gave the look a try on a few occasions, though the results didn’t turn out very well for the Keeping Up with The Kardashian star.

According to previous reports by the Inquisitr, Bruce Jenner has not only tried out a simple red nail color, but also a French manicure in recent months, which only continued to spark rumors that he was interested in becoming a woman.

Back in October of 2014, Bruce Jenner reportedly decided to get a colored manicure, sparking rumors that the TV personality was having an identity crisis.

“It’s obvious to anyone that Bruce is having a true identity crisis. The longer hair, constant manicures and pedicures… But now with the pink/red nail polish, Brandon and Brody know their dad is struggling with who he really is,” said a source.

In more recent weeks, Bruce has been seen sporting even longer hair, and yes, even a French manicure. According to another report by the Inquisitr, shortly after Christmas, the former Olympic athlete was seen with a fresh, white-tipped manicure while out pumping gas. While many have given up talking about Jenner’s alleged identity crisis, a friend close to Jenner reportedly said that Bruce has wanted to be a woman for the past 20 years.

“When I met Bruce I thought he was a girl. He acts like a girl, walks like a girl. He’s a girl. I thought he was ready for a new change. I think he was getting ready for a change of sex. Meaning, he likes boys better than girls.”

So if Bruce Jenner is labeled as troubled for sporting freshly painted nails, does that mean that Liam Hemsworth is going through an identity crisis because he flaunted his multicolored pedicure? That’s highly unlikely, but there is sure to be plenty of critics out there who have something to say about it.

[Image via Popsugar Twitter Feed]