Plane Crash In Kentucky: Funeral For Family Killed In Plane Crash Attended By Hundreds Of People

A plane crash in Kentucky killed all but one on board, and a funeral has been held for the deceased. According to the Chicago Tribune, an Illinois family was killed after their plane crashed while they were on their way home from a vacation in Florida. Marty Gutzler, his wife, Kim Gutzler, and their 9-year-old daughter, Piper, all died in the crash. A 14-year-old relative was also killed. The only survivor was the couple’s 7-year-old daughter, Sailor.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sailor was able to get help after the small plane crashed upside down in a wooded area, killing her family members.

“Sailor reportedly walked about a mile, through the woods in an unknown place in Kentucky, to reach a home and ask for help. Authorities call her a ‘remarkable young lady’ for having the presence of mind to save herself after the traumatizing plane crash,” reports the Inquisitr.

Many believe that it is simply a miracle that Sailor survived.

A week after the plane crash in Kentucky, Sailor’s family was laid to rest. According to WGN TV, hundreds of people attended the funeral services held in a Nashville, Illinois church. It is unclear if Sailor attended the services as well, but it is presumed that she did. It is unknown if she is still seeking medical treatment for injuries that she sustained in the crash, but reports indicate that she only suffered a broken wrist. She had other bumps and bruises, but she walked away from the crash with non-life threatening injuries, which is pretty amazing to say the least. Some seem to think that her young age and her small frame may have contributed to her survival.

Meanwhile, the NTSB is still investigating the plane crash. Marty Gutzler was piloting the small plane, and had sent out a distress call before the plane plummeted to the ground. At this point, no details about what might have happened on board the flight have been released.

It is believed that Sailor is staying with extended family, and will be raised in their custody.

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