Can A Hardcore Adult Film Actress Promote Christian Values As Teacher – Appeals Judge Faces Awkward Decision

A teacher who moonlighted as a hardcore adult film performer was recently sacked by the school where she taught. The sacked teacher has appealed to the court, stating she can still promote “Christian values” despite her other profession.

The 38-year-old woman — who works under the stage name Julia Pink — worked for 17 years with the Diakonia Germany Evangelical Federal Association in the city of Munich in southern Germany. She not only taught young kids, but also supervised adults with disabilities.

However, she also starred in hardcore porn films. She even won a “shooting star” award at the Venus porn fair. Though obviously it’s pretty hard to kick up another career after doing porn for so many years, there are people who do it. However, Julia — whose real name is being withheld for privacy concerns — performed in adult films while she was a teacher.

By Day A Great Teacher, By Night A Porn Star
By Day A Great Teacher, By Night A Porn Star

Interestingly, the students and community members who were in regular contact with Julia described her as a kind and loving person. She is said to be respected and liked by her students and fellow teachers. However, upon the discovery, she was immediately fired from her day job as a teacher.

When church leaders with the Evangelical Federal Association became aware of her erotic films, they fired her immediately with the following explanation.

“Despite her long years of service we feel that her other work is incompatible with our values.”

Julia had served as a teacher for 17 years, and there wasn’t a single case of sexual abuse or misconduct on her part. If it hadn’t been for the discovery of her XXX hardcore adult film career, it would have been assumed that she was a regular teacher with the highest Christian values.

Apparently, that is exactly what Julia claimed in the lawsuit she filed against the Association, challenging her dismissal as unlawful and unjust. The judge too, sided with Julia, stating that her dismissal without notice was indeed “unfair.” However, the judicial system would not ask the Association to reconsider Julia’s dismissal because it felt the church’s reasons for firing her were legitimate.

While reading the judgment, Judge Renate Leier said, “The applicant is involved with pornographic activities contrary to the Church’s sexual ethics justifies a dismissal.”

Julia, on the other hand, is livid. Ms. Pink strongly believes her job as a porn star doesn’t mean she “can’t teach and promote Christian values.” She has decided to appeal the judge’s decision. Interestingly, some parents whose wards Julia has taught, sided with her.

One in particular said, “Millions of people watch porn in Germany and around the world and it doesn’t mean that they can’t bring up their children properly. So just because this woman is in porn doesn’t mean she can’t do her job as a teacher well.”

The appeal’s Judge now faces an interesting dilemma: Can a woman, who performs in hardcore adult movies, promote “Christian values”?

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