Cowboys Game: 10-Year-Old Boy Robbed Of Contest Win Gets A Better Prize

A 10-year-old Detroit Lions fan named Roman was robbed of a contest he won prior to the team’s wildcard game against the Dallas Cowboys.

According to a report from KISS FM, the boy was onstage prior to the Lions-Cowboys matchup at AT&T Stadium for a game of musical chairs. The winner of the contest was to receive a copy of Madden NFL 15. As witnessed in the video below, Roman easily won the contest. But when the MC noticed that he was a Lions fan and not a Cowboys fan, that’s when a rematch was called.

The second time around, Roman didn’t win the game of musical chairs. And the new winner ended up being a Cowboys fan. But Roman and the Cowboys fan both ended up receiving prizes. Roman was given the complete first season of the 1960s Batman series starring Adam West, while the Cowboys fan got a PS4 copy of Madden NFL 15.

Roman’s family, who traveled with him from Amarillo to watch the game, were not happy with the decision to give the Cowboys fan the prize that Roman originally won. After talking with the staff, Roman was then given a Led Zeppelin CD in addition to the Batman collection.

KISS FM then set up a GoFundMe page shortly after hearing Roman’s story, so he could receive the video game he rightfully won. At the time of this post, $1,070 has been raised. Shortly after the crowdsourcing page was created, EA Sports, the creators behind Madden NFL 15, responded via Twitter, saying that Roman would get a new PlayStation 4, as well as an autographed Lions helmet, and a copy of Madden NFL 15.

In a related report from the Inquisitr, a controversial call during the Lions vs. Cowboys wildcard matchup is believed to have benefited Dallas, and in turn, helped them win the game. The Cowboys were initially called for pass interference, but the referees then reversed the penalty. Dean Blandino, vice president of NFL officiating, said that the Cowboys should have been penalized during the game.

“When you see the jersey grab before the ball is thrown, that’s defensive holding. So had the officials recognized that, we should’ve had a foul down for that infraction.”

The Dallas Cowboys will next face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at 10:05 a.m. to determine which team will advance to the NFC Championship game.

[Image via YouTube screencap]

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