Dallas Cowboys Call Reversal Controversy: Top NFL Official Says Ref Was Wrong

The Dallas Cowboys benefited from a call reversal that may or may not have led to their 24 to 20 defeat of the Detroit Lions.

While it’s correct to argue that the call reversal benefited the Cowboys, hindsight is always 20/20. Meaning, there is no definitive proof that whether or not the call was made, the Cowboys would have lost.

There was still eight minutes to go in the 4th, and anything can happen in a football game…which this Dallas vs. Lions controversy should demonstrate.

However, because it happened and because the NFL officials got it so blatantly wrong, there are people out in full force with conspiracy theories as to why the league is cheating for the Dallas Cowboys.

If there is a conspiracy then clearly Dean Blandino, the vice-president for officiating in the NFL, is on the outside.

Blandino said on Monday that the pass interference call was correct, and the Cowboys should have indeed been penalized.

“When you see the jersey grab before the ball is thrown, that’s defensive holding. So had the officials recognized that, we should’ve had a foul down for that infraction.”

Another issue, according to the vice-president, is that the official started to announce the penalty on Dallas before conferring with the other referees.

“They talked about it as the referee was making his announcement, and we would prefer that they get together before the initial announcement.”

So there you have it: A statement that fully acknowledges that the officials during the Cowboys vs. Lions game goofed and goofed big time.

There is one other controversy that angry football fans have been harping about that they feel was blatantly missed during the chaos.

Dallas Cowboys player Dez Bryant ran onto the field to argue about the call. Many have repeatedly pointed out (with Vine and YouTube videos and animated slow-motion gifs) that it’s clear as day that Bryant is on the field.

A number of individuals believe this infraction was much more serious and that even if the referees messed up on the pass interference call, there should have been an automatic penalty called on the Cowboys for Bryant’s actions.

There’s just one problem with this sentiment: This penalty isn’t automatic according to Blandino.

“[The NFL] certainly would’ve supported a flag there, because players coming off the bench in that manner, that’s not something that we condone, but it’s not an automatic penalty. There’s some discretion. The officials felt it didn’t warrant a penalty.”

So one call was wrong, the other wasn’t an obligation, and it’s all of little consequence to the Detroit Lions and their fans.

Their season is over and it will be the Dallas Cowboys headed to Wisconsin to face the Green Bay Packers.

Do you still believe there’s an NFL conspiracy to help the Cowboys?

[Image Credit: Dallas Cowboys Official Twitter]

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