40,000 State Laws To Become Reality In 2012

The reason we call politicians “lawmakers” is because they love to make laws, some we need, many we don’t and others that are just plain ridiculous. In 2012 the lawmakers will bring about nearly 40,000 new laws throughout the 50 United States. Those laws will range from possibly necessary but annoying (voter restrictions) to the absurd (a ban on happy hours at bars and restaurants).

MSNBC was kind enough to hunt down some of the laws, some are scary and some have just left us scratching our heads.

For example in Illinois anyone under 18 must wear a seat belt in a cab, but only when traveling for school related purposes. While another law in Utah says daily drink specials can not be given during happy hours.

Another law in Georgia is requiring that all new golf cards have brakes, a horn and other safety options because golfers were driving their carts out into traffic.

Other laws we can completely get behind, for example anyone 11 or under in Colorado who appears to have sustained a head injury during an sporting event will be forced to sit out the rest of a game until they can be examined. While a law in California will require gay and lesbian history to not be overlooked in public schools.

Other laws simply take away rights, such is the case in New Hamsphire where Republicans passed a law over gubernatorial veto that requires underage girls to tell a judge or their parents before they get an abortion.

Do you think lawmakers have went overboard when it comes to creating new laws?

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