George Clooney Divorce: Amal Reportedly Jealous Of George’s Relationship With Sandra Bullock

George Clooney is reportedly headed for divorce as wife Amal has been unable to deal with the actor’s relationships with women, with much of her attention focused on actress Sandra Bullock.

Even though George and the former Amal Alamuddin have only been married a few months, the couple has already faced nearly endless divorce rumors as sources claim they are fighting constantly and being torn apart by jealousy.

The latest report indicates that Amal Clooney is tired of George’s flirting, with her anger directed toward his Gravity co-star.

The site Naughty Gossip quoted an alleged friend of Sandra Bullock as saying that she still pines for George Clooney, and considers him “the one that got away.”

“Sandy really likes George. All her friends know that he was the one but for some reason it never happened,” the friend claimed. “After a few drinks all she does is talk about him, but now he is married she has far too much respect to mess with that.”

Sandra Bullock isn’t the only one catching the attention of Amal Clooney. Earlier this month, a source claimed that she banned George from seeing his female friends, including Angelina Jolie, wife of his good friend Brad Pitt.

“Amal doesn’t want George to hang out with any female friends without her being there,” a source told Life and Style. “This includes Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie — even though they’re married.”

The source said that George Clooney was begrudgingly going along with Amal’s demand.

“To appease her, George has neglected pals like Richard Kind, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski — and they all feel snubbed,” the source claimed. “A couple of his closet friend also feel Amal comes off as haughty and talks down to people… They’re not warming to her at all.”

Other sources have claimed that Amal and George Clooney appear destined for divorce.

“She and George just aren’t going to make it,” a source told Life & Style (via Celeb Dirty Laundry). “They’ve been fighting behind closed doors — and it’s looking like the world’s most famous bachelor should have stayed a bachelor. There’s no way the marriage is going to last.”

If George Clooney and Amal are headed for divorce, then the couple is doing a good job keeping it under wraps. Neither has spoken publicly on the rumors, and in fact they just hosted a number of Hollywood friends for a post-Christmas party.

[Image via LaineyGossip]