Jim Parsons Surprises ‘Ellen’ Audience With Gifts For Two Special Kids

Jim Parsons tends to delight audiences wherever he shows up, but even more so when the crowd isn’t expecting him. On Friday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, Parsons’ appearance was not only a treat for the viewers in the studio, it was in recognition of two very special kids who had come to the attention of the show.

13-year-old Jasmine Boden is facing the challenge of a brain tumor. She’s already had three surgeries since her diagnosis in 2011. When Jesse Kaufman heard through a newspaper report that Jasmine and her mom struggle to pay medical bills, he sent her a letter and $20. Kaufman then gave all of his bar mitzvah money, $5,000, to the family. A year later, Kaufman walked into his classroom and discovered a new girl, who introduced herself as Jasmine. It turned out to be the same girl to whom he’d been writing.

When Ellen asked Jesse about his favorite television show, he said it was The Big Bang Theory. When he said his favorite character was Sheldon Cooper, Ellen said a lot of people like Sheldon. A picture appeared on-screen behind them, and Ellen asked “Sheldon” to come out. Jim Parsons emerged from backstage to cheers from the audience.

Jim Parsons joined the kids with the unique friendship onstage. He acknowledged Jasmine’s courage and told Jesse “you really might be the best person I have ever met,” teasingly saying to Ellen, “no offense.”

You can check out the full clip of Jasmine and Jesse’s appearance on Ellen, including their encounter with Jim Parsons, here.


Parsons had a few special surprises for the Big Bang Theory fans. They each received a large basket of show merchandise, including a “soft kitty” hat that Jasmine grabbed and placed on Jesse’s head. In addition, Parsons invited them to tour the set of The Big Bang Theory and watch an episode run-through with the cast. Parsons said Jasmine and Jesse would see the cast “warts and all, but you deserve to.”

A sponsor of the Ellen show also gave Jasmine’s family a check for $10,000 and both kids iPhone 6s.

Jim Parsons and his fellow cast mates just won favorite television show at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday. Parsons has a new film opening March 27 but, as in his recent turn in the holiday adventure program Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas, moviegoers will only hear his distinctive voice. In Home, Jim plays a DreamWorks Animation creation: the purple alien Oh. Parsons told the Los Angeles Times that Oh is indeed endearing, saying simply: “I really, really like him.”

[Image: The Ellen DeGeneres Show]