Josh Murray's Mom Addresses His 'Bachelorette' Break-Up With Andi Dorfman

Many Bachelorette fans were a bit stunned on Thursday to learn that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray had broken up. The two had just appeared together on the red carpet for Chris Soules' Bachelor 2015 season premiere on Monday night, though some fans sensed that something may have been off. Though Andi and Josh aren't saying much about the split, Josh's mom did address it via her Facebook page.

As fans of Josh Murray and The Bachelorette know, he is very close to his family. Viewers watched as Andi Dorfman met Josh's parents, brother and sister during the hometown dates. After the finale and during their engagement there had been some rumblings that Josh's family ultimately didn't care for Andi all that much. While Josh's mom Lauren doesn't address those rumors, she did acknowledge the break-up in her new post.

Lauren Murray wrote:

"Yes it's true, Andi & Josh have chosen to break off their engagement. Although there was no one thing that precipitated their decision, they were thoughtful & wise in their decision and I'm happy they figured this out before getting married & having kids."
Murray adds that the engagement period did what it needed to do, in that it gave Andi and Josh an opportunity to discover what is best for them. Lauren adds that while everybody wanted the storybook ending, she trusts her faith that there is an even better journey ahead for both of them.

Josh's mom thanked everybody for their love and messages, and she says she's humbled by their words. Murray's post has similarities to the Instagram post that Josh put up after confirmation of the split, though he has since taken it down. As Us Weekly notes, Josh's post showed a silhouette of a man kneeling, one arm lifted to the sky.

The Instagram post had a note that said, "Lord, help me to have faith in your plan." It would seem fairly obviously from Josh and Lauren's posts that they are standing strong as a family and relying on their faith to guide them through this difficult and public split.

Though neither Andi or Josh have shared any specifics relating to the Bachelorette break-up, sources have claimed that Andi's control and jealousy issues caused issues in the relationship. It seems pretty unlikely, however, that Josh Murray will come out to confirm any of the rumors.

Will Chris Soules have any better luck with his final pick on ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season? He says he's in love and fans are curious to see how things play out. While there has been a happy ending for Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfield, with a wedding this month, it seems Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray couldn't make their Bachelorette fairytale ending last.

[Image via ABC/Rick Rowell]