Ghost, Hoax, Or Just Creepy Old Lady? Video Claims To Show ‘Blackburn Ghost’ Chasing Car

If you’re the type that believes in ghost stories, here’s one you might want to take a look at. If you’re the type that loves to pick apart ghost stories, you might be just as interested.

It’s probably fake, but the video popped up online late last week, purporting to show a ghost on the road between Blackburn and Belmont in Lancashire, according to the Daily Record. The passengers in the car in question appear to be speaking Arabic, and other sites have done a bit of translating.

What are they saying? Well, pretty much the same thing you’d say if you ran into the same situation.

“Move the car backwards! Faster! Faster!”

Of course, the likelihood of it showing an actual ghost seems so low as to be laughable, but that leaves the question of just what it is exactly. Could it be a hoax? That’s quite likely. Could it just be a creepy old lady chasing after a car? Also possible.

But one Redditor says they’ve got the answer, and it’s about as benign as one would expect.

“I saw this about a month ago,” one post reads, “and it’s part of some film student’s film.”

Ah, film students. That definitely explains the framing in some of the shots, as well as the fact that the two drivers don’t, say, slam it in reverse and floor it. There’s also the fact that the driver appears to switch between high beams and headlights in order to give us a better view of the ghost. It’s all just a little too composed, no?

Either way, it’s the sort of thing you don’t want to remember before going to sleep. So maybe this film student’s got a bright career ahead.

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