Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Frustrations Grow As Only A Quarter Of The Indian Ocean Has Been Searched

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been missing since March of 2014, and frustrations are only growing with each day that passes. According to, relatives of the victims on board the missing Boeing 777 are experiencing all kinds of emotions as they haven’t received any closure on the matter. Many are mourning the loss of their loved ones, hoping that the plane is found so that they may have some peace, and are aggravated because they aren’t getting the answers that they deserve.

“The staff at the liaison office in Beijing haven’t done anything for us. We have submitted so many letters with our pleas through the office but we haven’t received a single reply,” said Hu Xiuqin, 63, whose son, daughter-in-law and grandchild were on flight 370.

Families of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 victims have been leaning on one another to get through this difficult time, but life is very different for them now, as the unknown has pretty much taken over their lives.

“The mental stress is very great, there’s no routine in my life. I’ve drawn support from other people who lost family members on the plane,” said Jiang Hui, whose mom was on board MH370. A few families have decided to hire private investigators as some believe that the truth about what happened to the plane is being kept from them.

At this time, about 26 percent of the priority search area in the southern Indian Ocean has been combed, and not a single sign of the fuselage has been found. According to, families of those on flight 370 had a very hard time when the AirAsia wreckage was found. While many were thankful for those families to get closure so quickly, most were hurt that they aren’t being afforded the same.

“[The AirAsia families] are luckier than us, because they know what happened soon afterward. Knowing the bad news is painful, but it’s even more painful for us to live with uncertainty and have to wait to know what actually happened. They can find (Osama) bin Laden, he’s just a single person. How can they not find such a big airplane?… We must get the answers that can stop such a tragedy happening again in the future,” said Song Chunjie, whose sister was on flight 370.

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has not stopped, but with the one year mark fast approaching, you can probably imagine just how tough it is for the families who have nothing to hang on to. At this point, hope is lost. There are no answers, and reality is creeping in.

“Worse than grief is the not knowing, the in-between, do I grieve or do I hope. That’s hard. It’s a very difficult place for the psyche to be and many people would say it’s worse than grief,” said clinical psychologist. Dr. George Hu.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the search for the missing aircraft is at a crucial stage. Finding the plane’s black box is a must if anyone is to know exactly what happened back on March 8, 2014.

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