Road Rage Shooting In Denver: Man Shot In Head, Police Still Looking For Suspect [Video]

A road rage shooting happened twice in the city of Denver Thursday with one of the victims being shot in the head.

The driver who was shot in the head is believed to have been cut off another vehicle while entering a Home Depot parking lot in Thornton. When he parked his car, two occupants from a pickup approached him, they argued, and one of suspects shot him. The 33-year-old reportedly from Northglenn was taken to a hospital, Officer Matt Barnes tells The Denver Post. His condition is unknown, but he was conscious and able to tell police what happened. 9 News reports that the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Several witnesses gave statements about the shooting. Home Depot employees aren’t allowed to speak to the media about the road rage incident.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m., authorities say. Both suspects fled the scene in a black Toyota pickup truck that had a brush guard on the front. the front bumper is possibly damaged.

A video from 9 News reports more on the shooting in a video posted here.

Another road rage shooting happened before that on the same day, this time in Greenwood Village. Thursday morning, a suspect fired off several shots at another car, but there were no injuries.

The suspect’s vehicle and the victim’s vehicle were merging onto lanes of traffic from I-25 from I-225 at around 7:20 a.m. When one of the vehicles cut off the other, suspect pulled up to the other car, rolled down his window, and began firing a semi-automatic gun. The shots hit the passenger side of the victim’s vehicle, but didn’t result in any injuries. This occurred at an area between Orchard and Arapahoe roads.

A description of the shooting suspect’s vehicle is different from the first road rage incident at Home Depot. Police describe the car as a mid-1990s black Honda Accord and doesn’t have a license plate. The car also has after-market chrome rims and the car’s height is modified to a “low street racer level,” police say.

The Inquisitr reports on a lot of road rage reports. It’s not often that a road rage shooting arises when an aggressive driver becomes irate, but it’s not unheard of. One report had to do with one woman trying to run two girls off the road and it was all captured on video. The footage was reported on back in December when a woman on I-80 in California terrorized two young women for flipping her off.

[Photo Credit: 9 News /Screenshot]

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