Gingrich Palin 2012? Newt Considering Palin as a Running Mate

Sarah Palin may not be running for the presidency in 2012, but she could still find her way into the White House. Newt Gingrich said today that he would consider Sarah Palin as his running mate for the 2012 election.

Gingrich, who was taking questions from callers in Iowa, was asked if he would consider Sarah Palin as a running mate. Gingrich said:

“She is certainly one of the people you would look at. I am a great admirer of hers and she was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska, she’s somebody who I think brings a great deal to the possibility of helping in government and that would be one of the possibilities.”

Gingrich may have just been playing to the audience, but according to the International Business Times, the potential GOP candidate continued to praise Palin and said that he would ask her to be a member of his cabinet if he did not choose her for a running mate.

Gingrich said:

“There are also some very important Cabinet positions that she could fill… I can’t imagine anyboy who would do a better job of driving us to an energy solution than Gov. Palin.”

Sarah Palin ran as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 election and many political pundits partly blame Palin’s involvement in the campaign for McCain’s loss to President Obama and Joe Biden.

Do you think Sarah Palin would make a good vice president?

Of course, it doesn’t really matter unless Newt is able to pick up his numbers. According to the NY Times, Newt, who topped the polls earlier this month, is now in fifth with 13% support behind Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney.

Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for Newt Gingrich if Sarah Palin was running as his vice president?

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