Michele Bachmann Stands By Accusation Ron Paul Bribed Campaign Defector

It seems the theme of the Michele Bachmann campaign this week is “conspiracy,” and the wild-eyed GOP candidate has some insinuations to sling at dark horse opponent Ron Paul.

Earlier this week, Bachmann accused President Obama of being in cahoots with Google, YouTube and NBC to weight public opinion about her. But a funny thing about Michele Bachmann is that the people who work for her seem to- abandoning traditional political niceties- flame out away from her campaign with a bit more ill-will toward Bachmann than they’d previously possessed. It happened in New Hampshire, when the entire Bachmann campaign in the state publicly renounced her.

And it happened again this week in Iowa, when state senator and now-former chair of Bachmann’s campaign threw his support behind Ron Paul. Instead of reflecting upon why her staffers are leaving in droves, Bachmann instead made the next logical assumption- than Paul, a man who stands fairly firmly against such political maneuvering- had bribed Sorenson to support him.

After the defection, Bachmann told reporters gathered in a parking lot near her home:

“He told me that he was offered money, he was offered a lot of money by the Ron Paul campaign. No one else knows about that conversation other than Kent Sorenson and myself.”

Amusingly, in Sorenson’s official statement denying Bachmann’s claims, he attacks her on her main marketing point- that she is the most conservative of all the GOP candidates. Sorenson sniffs:

“I was never offered money from the Ron Paul campaign or anyone associated with them and certainly would never accept any. There is a clear top tier in the race for the Republican nomination for president, both here in Iowa and nationally. Ron Paul is easily the most conservative of this group.”

Do you think it’s about time Bachmann accepts that the American people are just not that into her?

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