Justin Bieber’s ‘Un-Retouched’ Bulge & Body Calvin Klein Ad Shot Is Photoshopped

Page Mackinley

A picture of Justin Bieber allegedly showing him in an "unretouched" underwear shot from his Calvin Klein photo shoot is currently doing the rounds online.

The website Breathe Heavy claims they were sent the snap by an alleged source who was connected to the shoot. They posted their pic alongside one of the official, underwear print ad shots of the heartthrob.

However, many fans think the un-retouched pic is photoshopped, as does an expert photo retoucher who spoke to MTV and Jezebel who called the pic "fake as hell."

It certainly looks it around the crotch and rear areas. The singer's head also looks too big, indicating that the body was shrunk. Compared to the countless selfies Bieber posts at his social media accounts, the photoshopping of the so-called "un-retouched" pic is obvious.

The picture [shown below] appears to show Bieber's bulge, abs, back muscles, and thighs looking decidedly smaller than in the official CK print close-up.

The singer in one of the final "underwear" Calvin Klein print ad images.

Breathe Heavy also claims a source told them the Canadian "was basically a douche. He hit on Lara several times and she had to stop him, basically calling him out on being just a child," adding "Bieber specified he wanted to look taller and buff. Bigger bulge implied."

Is that alleged "source" comment genuine, or just one of the typical, anonymous character-attacks on the singer that Gossip Cop debunks? The Inquisitr speculates it is an invented quote, designed to take advantage of an existing anti-Bieber narrative.

Specifically, the implied premise that Bieber could command renowned photographic duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and video director Johan Renck to falsify images in a multi-million dollar ad campaign, is particularly unbelievable.

Furthermore, Lara herself told the Associated Press in a video interview [linked below] that she worked well with the singer.

"It was really fun working with Justin Bieber. I'd never met him before but we had a really great time on set, and we had a lot of fun shooting the campaign, and I can't wait to see all the images," the Dutch model said.

Indeed, a new report claims Bieber's bulge was "too big" for his Calvins when he shot the photo shoot and videos for the ad. As a result, his privates were allegedly airbrushed by the brand for a more seemly look.

NaughtyGossip are now reporting close sources told them Bieber's bulge was retouched because it was too big for the underwear he was given at some point during the two-and-half days of shooting.

"Justin was too big for his underwear. They are too tight and needed to be photo shopped to make the pictures look less distracting," one of the insiders told the outlet. "He isn't very tall, but trust me -- he is a big boy."

This new information comes after the initial, almost universally positive internet reaction to the Biebs and Lara Stone's Calvin Klein campaign pics and videos after Tuesday's reveal, was followed by talk of alleged photoshopping.

But, it appears that in at least one respect -- namely, Bieber's bulge -- that the singer has more than enough to flaunt.

Moving on. Some Internet commenters, TMZ and other media outlets pointed out the lack of hair leading to Bieber's privates in video footage from the CK shoot, whereas the print ads show the hitmaker's lower torso with a "happy trail."

There's no disputing that Bieber has a "happy trail" on some of the print ads and doesn't in the videos. So it seems the Klein brand allegedly used a digital retouch in some campaign visuals.

For those who may believe Bieber doesn't have pubic hair in real life, the Instagram photo shown below was posted by the singer last August.

What do you see?

Similarly, while Bieber's "mycalvins" videos shows Bieber's taut torso, many think the print ads showed him with a more defined six-pack than in the clips.

"Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ads would be super cool had they not over photoshopped his 'abs,'" one Twitter user wrote.

Other online comments are of the same gist.

Looking at the two pictures above, it's clear the print ad photo has been darkened. The Biebs' muscle definition is more or less the same, but stands out to better effect in the darkened shot. It's worth noting that airbrushing enhancement is standard after fashion shoots and for many other fields.

In addition, Bieber has been working out with a weight/fitness trainer for two years and clearly has a six-pack.

After the Inquisitr watched Bieber and Stone numerous times in CK's campaign videos, it becomes apparent that the relatively puny shot of the singer posted at Breathe Heavy is photoshopped.

[Images via breatheheavy.com /calvinklein.com]