Jackie Chan’s Son Sentenced To Six Months On Drug Charge

Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee, was sentenced to six months in prison by the Dongcheng District People’s Court. Last summer, Jaycee and a close friend were arrested on charges of drug possession. Officials said they found “more than 100” grams of marijuana in the 32-year-old actor’s apartment.

Jaycee’s arrest was specifically disturbing, as his father was named China’s anti-drug ambassador in 2009. Jackie Chan did not attend his son’s trial or sentencing hearing, as he was disappointed with Jaycee’s behavior.

As reported by CNN, Jackie said he feels partially responsible, as he “failed to discipline” Jaycee. He hopes the state will force his son to “get rid of all the bad habits.”

Jackie Chan’s son was arrested amid a China’s “government crackdown on celebrity drug offenders.” The crackdown is aimed at celebrities, as officials believe children and teens are strongly influenced by the entertainment industry. Jaycee Chan was one of 10,000 Beijing residents arrested on drug charges in 2013.

At the conclusion of his 90-minute trial, Jaycee admitted that he “committed a crime and deserve[s] to be punished.” He further explained that he does not expect “mercy and forgiveness,” as they both must be earned.

Although the Beijing government has adopted a “zero-tolerance” policy toward celebrity drug offenders, prosecutors requested leniency as the defendant was cooperative and agreed to “return to the right path.”

After pleading guilty to one charge of “hosting others to take drugs,” Jackie Chan’s son was sentenced to six months in jail and ordered to pay a $320 fine.

As discussed by the Hollywood Reporter, Jackie Chan did not request any leniency in his son’s sentencing. In fact, he discouraged Jaycee’s attorney from seeking a reduced sentence. In an interview about his son’s arrest, Jackie said Jaycee does not deserve special treatment due to his celebrity status.

“Because he is the son of Jackie Chan and because he has broken the law, if he is out in less than a week, how would other people see Jackie Chan and Jaycee Chan? We are celebrities, and we have to follow the law.”

As part of the government crackdown on celebrity drug offenders, Beijing authorities asked management agencies to refrain from hiring entertainers with a history of drug abuse. They also asked the agencies to ban future drug use and terminate those who fail to comply.

Jackie Chan’s son received a reduced sentence and fine. However, he is still required to spend six months in jail for the drug offense.

[Image via SCMP]