iPhone 5s Involved In iOS 8 Storage Capacity Lawsuit

Apple’s iPhone 5s, among other devices, could be involved in an iOS 8 storage capacity lawsuit. The popular electronics company has been named in a lawsuit in regards to some of their devices that run the iOS 8. According to the lawsuit, Apple has wrongly advertised the amount of storage available on its devices, including the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone was wrongly advertised for having a 16GB storage capacity, according to the Master Herald. It actually has a storage capacity less than advertised since this space is also used by the operating system.

The iOS 8 takes up a significant amount of space, according to several reports. It takes up so much space that it requires some users to remove photos, music, and videos from their devices before installing it. Updating from iOS 7 to 8 makes things more difficult, as the update makes the installation process larger, slower, and bloated.

The iOS 8 takes up a quarter of the total available storage space for a 16GB iPhone 5s device. This is also the case for the iPhone devices that come equipped with iOS 8.

However, the lawsuit goes even further than deceptive advertising. According to the claim, Apple could be deliberately lying about the storage capacity in order to promote sales of their iCloud storage space. When a user doesn’t have enough space on their iPhone 5s or another device, they’re required to purchase additional storage on iCloud. According to several reports, Apple knows that this will make users buy more storage on the iCloud.

Just a few weeks ago, Apple released its iOS 8.1.2 update to the iPhone and iPad. This is a small bug fix update that only corrected one iOS 8 problem, but has the potential to correct additional problems on the iPhone and iPad.

The iOS 8 update was the first update for the iPhone 5s, according to GottaBe Mobile. It was also a very important update for users who bought into the Apple contract. Luckily, the update still makes the iPhone 5s run quickly and have a long battery life. The update also hasn’t caused any problems with the Bluetooth, LTE, or Wi-Fi features. The iOS 8.1.2 has been running smoothly on the iPhone 5s, at least so far.

When caring for your iPhone 5S or any other Apple smartphone, there is one thing you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t attempt to clean your screen with rubbing alcohol, according to a report on the Inquisitr. Rubbing alcohol can make the upper layer of the iPhone 5s screen to evaporate quickly. It could also seep into openings in the iPhone’s casing, such as the home button or the device’s edges. Clean your iPhone 5s with a simple, lint-free cloth, and you should see all the smudges and fingerprints disappear.

[Image by John Karakatsanis on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons]

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