‘Je Suis Charlie’: Hashtag Takes Twitter By Storm, Touching Tributes From Around The World

“Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) has taken Twitter by storm ever since the brutal Charlie Hebdo shooting, which left 12 people dead at the satirical magazine in Paris.

Even those who would normally raise an eyebrow at the irreverence shown by the cartoonists working at Charlie Hebdo are now standing up for freedom of speech in the wake of the bloody massacre. This is the worst attack on French soil in decades, and it has clearly struck a cord.

Not only were 12 innocent people savagely murdered while at work at the headquarters for the magazine, millions believe the essence of what it means to have freedom of speech was attacked on Wednesday in Paris. At least two masked gunmen made their way into the building and reportedly asked for their victims by name, shooting them execution style.

Despite the nature of what the cartoonists were doing on a daily basis at Charlie Hebdo, most in the western world have condemned the murders and Parisians have taken to the street for two days and nights in a row to show their support for freedom of speech. Following the attack, social media has seen the phrase “Je suis Charlie” trending most of the day Wednesday and part of Thursday.

Tributes from all over the world honoring those lost on Wednesday and defending one of the most basic rights that those in the west enjoy, freedom of expression, keep showing up on Twitter and other social media sites. One of the most touching images seen on the social media site comes from midwife Marine Wood on the Le Dada Bleu Facebook page.

A newborn at a hospital is wearing a bracelet that reads “Je suis Charlie” in a show of solidarity for the Charlie Hebdo shooting victims. The pointed photo is one of thousands of similar tributes posted on social media.

Not only are regular people are taking to Twitter using the hashtag “Je suis Charlie,” — which is once again trending on Thursday night — but cartoonists are united with their fallen comrades in Paris and are sharing their own tributes.

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