Donald Trump On Paris Massacre: Insists Lack Of Guns To Blame, Sparks Outrage Via Twitter

Donald Trump will always be Donald Trump and nothing will ever change that. So, his recent opinion of the Paris Massacre shouldn’t be much of a surprise. But, apparently, it definitely is.

According to E! News, the billionaire investor ticked off liberals everywhere when he took to Twitter to share his perspective on the recent Paris Massacre. He started his unconventional speech off with words of condolences to those affected by the devastating massacre that took place on Wednesday, January 7. Then, he got down to business.

The 68-year-old businessman cited what he thinks contributed to the horrific incident — gun control. Trump stated how he felt the ordeal could have possibly been prevented. Needless to say, the Apprentice boss sparked a massive debate with his lengthy Twitter rant.

By the time he finished his rant, many Twitter users were seething. According to the tweeted responses, the majority of the people who noticed the controversial rant totally disagreed. The response was so bad that he’s been called every insulting name in the book including an “idiot” and a “moron.” But, of course he couldn’t care less. He made it quite clear that he is entitled to his opinion.

Although the majority of the responses were bashing tweets, of course Trump had supporters of his own. There were also some who spoke out in support of Trump’s opinion. While no one will ever know if a difference in gun control laws would have changed the situation, some did feel Trump presented a strong argument. Some of his supporters even insisted that he should consider running for president in 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump’s opinion of the Paris Massacre? Share your thoughts.

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