Bus Driver Has Miraculous Escape After Crash Sends Him Flying Through Windshield [Video]

A city bus service driver from Albuquerque, New Mexico had a miraculous escape after a freak car crash sent him flying through the windshield of the bus. The video, which was acquired by KOAT Action 7 News, has now been posted on several video sharing websites — including LiveLeak, where it is quickly gaining popularity.

According to KOAT Action 7 News, the incident in the video happened on January 2, 2015 near Central Avenue and Unser Boulevard. In the video, you can see the bus driver approaching an intersection at a sedate speed. The signal light being green, he proceeds without caution.

At the same time, you will notice a pickup truck — seemingly in a hurry, approaching the intersection. The pick-up truck driver jumped the red signal and before the bus driver could react, slams on to the side of the large vehicle. The force of the impact sets the bus careening onto the diagonally opposite end of the intersection. The bus driver tries hard to control the vehicle but is not able to do it. Eventually, the bus hits a concrete road sign. The impact of the collision with the concrete road sign sends the bus driver flying through the windshield. He is however saved from being thrown completely off the bus.

Bus driver flies through windshileld

While the video of the crash looks absolutely horrific, the good news here is that both the drivers involved in this crash survived. In fact, the bus driver simply walked away from the crash with minor injuries. While the bus driver was taken to a local hospital for a check up, the driver of the SUV was treated at the site of the accident itself. A third vehicle was hit in the incident — but it suffered only minor scratches. The bus and the pick-up truck were totaled, however.

The city bus had no passengers inside it at the time of the accident, reports ABQ Journal. This was because the driver had just reported for duty and was taking the bus to its first stop. The number of injured could have gone up had that not been the case.

According to Stephanie Gallos, a driver that worked on the same route, she was in the same bus a few minutes ago.

“I realized that was the bus I was just on and I had to come see if he was OK. It’s amazing that the bus got turned all around like that. I’ve been here for 15 years and this is the worst bus accident I’ve ever seen.”

The video makes a case in favor of seat belts as well. It is evident in this video how a human body reacts to a crash of this nature if a person does not wear a seat belt.

Following the accident, traffic was held up at the intersection for several hours. It is not clear at this stage if anyone had been charged for causing this accident.

[Image Via LiveLeak]

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