Michele Bachmann Talks About Her Favorite Semi-Automatic Weapon

If you’re a deer or a burglar breaking into Michele Bachmann’s home you better hope she doesn’t have her favorite gun at her side. The GOP presidential hopefully was interviewing on radio station WHO-AM on Thursday when she revealed her favorite weapon, the AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.

The AR-15 is essentially the home version of the military’s M16, Bachmann responded “I love it” when the interviewer said “That’s a combat weapon.”

Bachmann continued:

“I like being accurate. And that is a great gun.”

Bachmann also explained that her dad put her through gun safety when she was 12-years-old and then she learned to hunt “here in Iowa with my dad.”

The GOP candidate then remarked:

“I’m a pretty good shot … I scored the best of my class—of any of the men, too.”

In a moment of yawn inspiring sucking up to Iowa Republicans she then continued:

“I’m a conceal-carry permit holder; I helped pass the conceal-carry law in Minnesota.”

Bachmann then sucked up to Iowa voters on a whole by announcing:

“Iowa will be the cannon shot that will change the course of history for the better.”

Perhaps Michelle Bachmann should remember that this election is about the economy, terrorist harboring countries, a failing education system and other issues that all voters can associate with, the old fallback of gun control is almost yawn inspiring at this point in history.

Do you think Michele Bachmann still has a chance to win the GOP Presidential nomination or has her hand been fully played out?

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