‘Bombshell’ Victoria’s Secret Bra Gives Kylie Jenner More Boobs, Not Breast Implants Or Plastic Surgery

The Internet went a little crazy when Kylie Jenner posted a photo to her Instagram page that made her look a lot bustier than Jenner has previously appeared. Pretty soon, the talk of the web featured rumblings over whether Kylie was too young for breast implants and plastic surgery. In the 23 hours since Kylie posted the photo to Instagram, various websites have written about Jenner flaunting her cleavage in a way that makes people ask if both Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner are too young for plastic surgery, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Some commenters accused Kylie Jenner of following her sister Kim Kardashian’s well-worn path to the plastic surgery office. But before long, a Kylie source was clapping back and telling folks to chill out, and letting the world know that her newly found ample cleavage was a result of Victoria’s Secret new line of ‘Bombshell’ bras, which promise to add a couple of cup sizes to the wearer’s breasts without plastic surgery or breast implants, as reported by TMZ.

Indeed, the line of ‘Bombshell Bras’ on the Victoria’s Secret website do say they “add 2-cups” to those who wear the push-up bras, and Victoria’s Secret has quite the selection of ‘Bombshell’ bras for users to choose from, including strapless ‘Bombshell’ bras, and a cute purple number with straps going in different directions on the back of the ‘Bombshell’ bra.

The TMZ Kardashian sources reported that Kylie looked so good in the ‘Bombshell’ Victoria’s Secret bra that Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney ordered their own “Bombshell” bras, so thank Victoria’s Secret when the next episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians begin to feature Kardashian and Jenner women with lots of increased cleavage.

The 17-year-old Jenner only posted a cryptic message along with the Instagram post that got people all riled up and talking about plastic surgery, reports ET, with Jenner only linking to @JoyceBonelli and talking about “secret projects” between the duo. A gander at Joyce Bonelli’s Instagram page shows that the woman Kylie gave an IG shout out to is a self-described “spiritual gangster” who apparently gives make-up seminars, according to her website.

Meanwhile, expect the “Bombshell” bras over on Victoria’s Secret website to experience sales through the roof after this “big boob reveal” by Kylie, and the unofficial endorsements of the “Bombshell” bras by her sisters and mother. The proof is in the pudding that Victoria’s Secret has some pretty famous fans.

[Image via Kylie Jenner Instagram]