White House Investigates Unauthorized Photo Of Malia

The White House is reportedly investigating a questionable photo of Malia Obama. The apparent selfie was shared via Instagram by hip hop collective Pro Era. Although the photo’s authenticity has not been verified, it appears to feature Malia wearing a Pro Era T-shirt.

Joey Bada$$, who heads the collective, said the photo is indeed authentic. Pro Era spokesman Bradley Bledsoe confirmed “the group received the photo from a mutual friend of Pro Era and Malia.” Bledsoe further asserts that the White House has not asked him to remove Malia’s photo from the Instagram account.

As reported by ABC News, Barack and Michelle Obama do not want unauthorized photos of their daughters published on social media or elsewhere. However, the White House not responded to inquiries about Malia’s Instagram photo.

The reported photo of Malia is specifically controversial, as Pro Era has a reputation as “an Anti-Cop gangster rap group” that promotes “violence, gun play, and cop killing” through their lyrics.

Liberty News writer Warner Todd Huston suggests Malia is one step away from “attending Socialist meetings at Columbia College” and “dining with Al Sharpton.”

Others believe the situation is being blown out of proportion. Atlanta BlackStar writer Taylor Gordon argues that Malia is simply being a teen.

“Regardless of the intentions behind or purpose of the photo, it doesn’t seem to be worthy of massive backlash… however, when it comes down to it the image only reveals one thing—Malia is just like any other teenager, except that she happens to live in a very famous white house with a very famous pair of parents.”

It is unclear whether the photo is real, and if so, how Pro Era obtained a copy. However, it is unlikely that Malia intended to promote the hip hop collective or their T-shirts.

The photo appears to have been taken while the teen was fixing her hair. Furthermore, the shirt is quite wrinkled and the logo is difficult to read.

As Gordon suggests, “The disheveled shirt seems much more like the average teenager’s decision to throw on whatever clean t-shirt they have in their possession as they lounge around the house.”

President Obama has not confirmed whether the photo is real, or if he will take steps to have it removed. As the photo is still displayed on Pro Era’s Instagram account, it will continue to draw attention — both positive and negative.

Although several news outlets contend the White House is investigating Malia’s photo, and how Pro Era obtained a copy, they have not commented on the controversy.

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