Calum Hood And 5SOS Guys Reveal Who They’d Kiss

Calum Hood and the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer have been making the news lately for a lot of reasons, most specifically their policies on dating. A recent report from the Inquisitr revealed that Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, and Luke Hemmings would probably consider dating fans of 5 Seconds of Summer. But to what lengths would Calum or Ashton go on a first date, with a fan or otherwise?

According to Unreality TV, each member of 5 Seconds of Summer took a different stance on kissing their dates and shared them in an interview with Australia’s Dolly magazine. Calum Hood, who is now most famous for having his nude pictures accidentally distributed across the internet, had one of the most surprising positions on the issue of all the guys.

Drummer Ashton Irwin took a conservative approach to kissing and said, “It’s a kiss on the cheek from me.”

Guitarist Michael Clifford was more open to kissing a first date, but he claimed he’d let the girl take control of the situation.

“I give them a big hug and then wait to see what she does next,” Clifford said.

Luke Hemmings took the adventurous road and claimed that if he really liked the girl he was dating, he would go for a “full-on smooch… for every date!”

But Calum Hood, who already has a reputation for being a bit of a risk taker, claimed he wouldn’t go for a kiss a first date. Maybe Calum’s aversion to a first date kiss comes from his recent fear of women after seeing the movie Gone Girl.

“I probably wouldn’t kiss her on the first date!” Calum said.

Despite Calum’s modest approach to dating, Hood was recently photographed living it up with his 5 Seconds of Summer bandmate Ashton Irwin on a sunny beach. You can see Calum and Ashton in the picture below with a bunch of bikini-clad girls and some unfamiliar guys. While Calum is often photographed shirtless, he is fully clothed in this particular photograph. Calum and Ashton shared the photo on their Facebook page.


According to the Daily Mail, Hood and Irwin had the photo taken on their way to The Pub with No Beer in New South Wales. Apparently, Calum and Ashton are taking some time off from 5 Seconds of Summer and enjoying a road trip around Oz with some friends outside the band. This could leave fans wondering if Calum is going on any first dates with these unnamed women and keeping to his promise not to kiss any of them.

For more on Calum Hood, check out the shirtless photos Calum shared on Twitter, or the story Calum shared about 5SOS fans buying them male strippers.

[Image of Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin courtesy of 5 Seconds of Summer]

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