New ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Issue Will Publish Next Week With 1 Million Copies, Columnist Says ‘Stupidity Will Not Win’

A new Charlie Hebdo issue will still be coming out next week despite a terrorist attack that killed 12, one reportedly aimed at silencing the publication often critical of extremist Muslims.

The French satirical magazine has already vowed to publish on schedule next Wednesday, saying they will not be stopped despite the bloodbath at its Paris office.

“It’s very hard. We are all suffering, with grief, with fear, but we will do it anyway because stupidity will not win,” said columnist Patrick Pelloux.

Pelloux said the magazine would have to be put together outside the Paris headquarters, which remain closed after Wednesday’s terrorist attack.

The remaining Charlie Hebdo staff said they plan to run a print of 1 million copies, and they will have some help. Google has pledged close to $300,000 to support the publication, and French newspaper publishers pledged an additional $300,000.

The magazine typically has a print run of 60,000.

In an emotional interview on Thursday, Pelloux said he did not want the deaths to have been “for nothing.”

The gunmen attacked Charlie Hebdo on press day, and killed eight of the 12 people at a weekly staff editorial meeting. They reportedly had names of those targeted, which included the cartoonists Cabu, Wolinski, and Tignous, and the magazine’s editor since 2012, the cartoonist Stéphane Charbonnier, known as Charb. Pelloux was visiting a nearby fire station at the time of the attack and survived.

Other journalists are standing in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo by reprinting some of the controversial cartoons targeting radical Islam.The Danish newspaper Berlingske showed several front pages of Charlie Hebdo, including one depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

“We will print them as documentation of what kind of a magazine it was that has been hit by this terrible event,” Berlingske’s Editor in Chief Lisbeth Knudsen.

The Charlie Hebdo cartoons have been republished by a number of websites an major newspapers worldwide, including Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading newspaper.

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