Fair DUI Flyer Teaches Drivers How To Get Away With A DUI, Critics Claim

A drunk driving viral video teaches drivers how to get away with a DUI, according to critics of the fair DUI flyer. Florida lawyer Warren Redlich says he made the DWI video to protect drunk drivers from being falsely accused of the crime when stopped at police checkpoints.

The fair DUI flyer video begins with a driver stopping at police checkpoint, and officers looking at a plastic bag hanging out the window and promptly waving him on by. The plastic bag holds all the identification and car registration documents the driver must legally provide when stopped at a police checkpoint, according to the Florida lawyer behind the viral video.

Those opposed to police drunk driving checkpoints because the stops assume guilt and force Americans to prove innocence appear to support the video. Safe driving advocates have stated a belief that the fair DUI video is actually encouraging drunk driving.

“It’s not designed for drunks and I don’t think it really works for drunks because you have to follow instructions and drunks aren’t very good at that,” the Boca Raton native Warren Redlich said. Tara Kirschner of Dori Saves Lives, a safe driving organization, disagrees. “It’s not the example we want to set for our youth, we want them to learn how to do the right things,” Kirschner said.

The drunk driving video was posted online on New Year’s Day. The fair DUI flyer used in the “Honor Your Oath” drunk driving video details a driver’s rights when stopped at a DWI checkpoint – “I Remain Silent. No Searches. I Want My Lawyer. Please put any tickets under windshield wiper. I am not required to sign – 318.14(2) – statute reference. I am not required to hand you my license – 322.15 [statute reference. Thus I am not opening my window. I will comply with clearly stated lawful orders.”

The fair DUI flyer is placed in the front of the clear plastic bag and hangs outside of the driver’s window via an attached string – which allows the window to be rolled up entirely. Leaving the plastic bag with the driver’s documents inside is crucial for the legal inspection process, according to the Florida lawyer.

“The second that you open the window they can say they smell alcohol or drugs coming from the vehicle and the moment you speak a word they can claim that your speech is slurred,” the man in the video says. In the “Honor Your Oath” video a handful of police officers are seen walking up to the vehicle and seem baffled by the clear plastic bag at first. One officer pulls out a flashlight and reads the “Fair DUI Flyer.” The police officer then smiles, waves good-bye and sends the driver on his way down the road.

What do you think about the “Honor Your Oath” drunk driving police checkpoints video?

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