‘Charlie Hebdo’ Cartoons Re-Printed Worldwide As Cartoonists And Journalists Stand In Solidarity

Charlie Hebdo cartoons are being reprinted across the world as journalists stand in solidarity with the French magazine attacked by terrorists on Wednesday for its depictions of Islam.

The French magazine gained a reputation for its sharp criticism of radical Muslims, publishing pictures of the prophet Mohammed and skewering terrorists. The magazine received death threats in the past and was firebombed, and on Wednesday a group of masked gunmen raided the magazine’s office in Paris, killing 12 people.

The attack was believed to be in response for the magazine’s criticism of Islam and for depicting the Prophet Mohammad, which is forbidden under Islamic laws.

Now, journalists and cartoonists are showing their support for Charlie Hebdo by capturing the spirit of the magazine, which fearlessly attacked injustice and terrorism in the face of very real threats.

Many of the cartoonists took works directly from Charlie Hedbo.

Other journalists have stood in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. The Danish newspaper Berlingske has republished cartoons from the French magazine as part of its coverage of the attack. The Thursday print edition of the newspaper showed several front pages of Charlie Hebdo, including one depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

“We will print them as documentation of what kind of a magazine it was that has been hit by this terrible event,” Berlingske’s Editor in Chief Lisbeth Knudsen.

Other news outlets have re-published the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, including Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading newspaper.

Many other journalists rallied to support the magazine, organizing demonstrations across Europe and the United States.

But not all media outlets are showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. CNN shied away from showing the cartoons, and the Associated Press has maintained a stance that it will not republish “deliberately provocative images” on the wire.

[Image via BBC]

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