Islam In Australia: Muslim Leaders Claim Banning Terrorism Bans The Teachings Of The Koran

Last year in December, Sydney made international headlines with the Sydney Siege. Man Haron Monis held seventeen hostages captive in a cafe. After almost seventeen hours of terror, Monis was killed when police authorities operated an infiltration to end the ordeal. Unfortunately, two of the hostages were killed, too. Afterwards, the Inquisitr reported that Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm said the country is now a “nation of victims” because of super-strict gun laws.

However, there is another factor about the Sydney Siege that should be reported: it was an act of Islamic terrorism. This fact brings up that Australia has passed laws that ban terrorism. Australian Muslim leaders are responding in which they say banning terrorism will also ban Islam and the teachings of the Koran.

According to an article by Frontpage Magazine and originally reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, a Muslim cleric who preaches from certain passages of the Koran could be caught in the net of the government’s new anti-terror law. Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, and the Australian National Imams Council have called for the offense of “advocating terrorism” to be removed from the Foreign Fighters Bill. This call so happens on the same day Prime Minister Tony Abbott has backed up the legislation as necessary in catching terrorist groups, including the radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The Imams Council said a cleric might oppose the new law, even if he advocated the duty of a Muslim to defend his land.

“We are therefore concerned that the proposal has serious implications on free speech and will have a chilling effect on legitimate religious and political debate.”

The Islamic Council of Victoria has also made a statement on the new law, in which Muslims who support legitimate forms of armed struggle could be incriminated. As a matter of fact, the Muslim Legal Network made sure to enforce that all the Abrahamic Religions may suffer from such a new law. The example that was given was the last verse of Psalm 137, the part about bashing little ones against the rocks. It is unclear if the other eight verses prior were purposely avoided or not.

In conclusion, Australia is doing their best to prevent terror attacks in its own country. What seems to be the problem is how such a law will be enforced. As of now, this story is still active. The Inquisitr will follow-up on any reports pertaining to the new anti-terror laws when they become available.

[Image via Sydney Morning Herald]

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